Winding Lake II at Welleby Condominium Association, Inc.

Decals & Guest Passes


Registering a new vehicle/Replacing your decal:

Please visit our website at, Click Parking and then click Winding Lake 2. This can be done on a computer, cell phone or tablet. If you do not have internet access, you can call (954) 968-9791.  Once you’ve registered your vehicle online, you must pick up your decal the next business day. If you do not pick up your decal and your vehicle is booted, we will not be held responsible. If you register your vehicle on a Friday, you must register it as a guest until you can pick up your decal at the office.  If you get a NEW TAG for your vehicle, you must re-register the car online with the new registration. You must contact Management after you have re-registered the vehicle, so we can update OUR records. If you do not re-register the car, the booting company will not find the new Tag # in the system and will boot the vehicle. DO NOT transfer a decal from one car to another without information management. 

Registering a Guest/Rental Vehicle:

Your guest(s) must register. They can visit our website at, Click Parking and then click Winding Lake 2. This can be done through a computer, phone or tablet. If they do not have any internet access, they can call (954) 968-9791. Guest passes are done virtually through the vehicles TAG number and is only known to parking enforcement. Therefore, no display on the dashboard or on the rear mirror is needed or accepted. REGISTERING YOUR GUEST IS MANDATORY. 

*There is a $15.00 charge for each new decal (check or money order only)*

*If you are a tenant, you must bring a copy of the new lease with you*

Please Note: Only approved residents can obtain parking decals. Guest's visiting residents for more than thirty (30) days are considered residents and must be approved by the association. You cannot register a guests vehicle for more than thirty (30) consecutive days.